S D Davieson
On June 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

main picturebS. D. (Spencer David) Davieson has been a writer of fiction since he was a child. From short stories to short films, Spencer has indulged in creating fantastical worlds for readers of all ages to visit. As a child he spent many weekends with his grandmother exploring Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles whilst she worked in the ticket office. In 2003 he joined a performing arts school to study the classics and modern playwrights. It was here he really began to fine tune his plot and character development skills, into what they are today.

He was struck by the idea for The Embers of Enchantment during a return visit to his family home, whilst he was sitting on Mumbles Hill. A moment of musing about how great Mumbles Hill would be to teach a dragon to fly, began a cascade of ideas which evolved into the magical book series.

The four main characters “popped into my head very quickly”, and soon the entire story became mapped out. The Embers of Enchantment: Destinies Entwined was completed in 2015 and is now being released in 4 parts while he begins writing book 2.